Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m the creative force (and owner) of the clothing label Jessica Lynn. At Jessica Lynn we create unique, one-of-a-kind apparel at affordable prices. We specialize in unique designer children's boutique clothing that will make your child feel comfortable and beautiful. All of our clothing is made with meticulous care and of the best fabric. Love goes into every piece we create.

Our back story.....
I started out in Utah in 2006 making hair pieces for my little princess because the store bought ones were just too tight on her head. So from there I somehow ended up with a sewing machine! I to this day do not remember what made me go get one but I did and I started sewing stuff for her. I was a member of an online mommy page and they would ask me where I was getting her clothes. I started getting orders and that's where my very small and let me repeat that very small, clothing business started! At that time selling on Ebay was a big thing so that's where I headed with my business. A few years later I put it all down to take care of some family matters and then in 2009 I moved to Nebraska. I missed creating children's garments so in 2010 I through myself back into business and I must say it was a good break because I came back with a vengeance! I was creating much more beautiful things. Then in late 2012 I was introduced a little more into the fashion world and found out about runway fashion and have been pushing myself a little more ever since to get involved. I started creating my own patterns instead of using ones I purchased online or at the store then I applied to do the spring/summer 2014 show for Omaha Fashion Week and Kansas City Fashion Week. I was accepted to be do platform presentations in August of 2013 for Omaha Fashion Week, I then went on to do RAW in Omaha in September 2013 and last but not least Kansas City Fashion Week October 2013. I then applied to Omaha fashion week for the Fall/Winter 2014 line and will be attending that in March of 2014. My biggest surprise was when I got an email from Plitz New York fashion week asking if I was interested in being a part of their show. So I will be adventuring off to do that in February 2014.